On Mothers…

Mothers: My mother never reads my weblog. I think maybe she did once, and then decided that she didn’t want to hear about what happened in my life after all. And then stopped. I don’t know if that’s true or not to be honest. It just seems likely to me. My brother does read my weblog either. I think maybe he’s scared to.

Mark‘s mother reads his weblog, and more than that, she reads mine as well. And Katy’s. When Katy and I met her when Mark was in town, she said how good she thought weblogs were, and how happy she was that Mark had an outlet for his thoughts, where he could write and get responses from it. I remember thinking at the time what a cool attitude that was, and how she obviously completely knew what she was doing.

Megnut‘s mother goes one better. Meg’s got her to write her weblog for a while. I can’t help thinking that that suggests a really really good relationship – when the mother takes such an active interest in the passions of her children. I kind of think my mother and I have called a truce on this kind of stuff. I think we’ve figured out between us that there are just some (many?) things that she just doesn’t want to know or talk about. So we don’t.

I don’t know what that says about our relationship.