So I have an idea

So I have an idea for the next project after Big Brother. I call it “Lord of the Flies’ Celebrity Big Brother Quake Castaway Deathmatch”, and involves introducing novel ideas like easily transmittable diseases, LSD-spiked foods, a ready supply of chainsaws, axes and chest freezers, permanently red strobe lighting and the sound of faraway crying babies, to a community isolated away from all other human contact. I thought ideal inhabitants for the LotFCBBQCD camp might include: Sir Cliff Richard, Charles Manson, the Queen Mother, Annabel Chong, Margaret Thatcher, Weird Al Jancovic, Doctor Dre, Ozzy Osbourne, Victoria Beckham & Germaine Greer. Not because I don’t like them particularly, but because I think you really need to get a range of human experience. Opinions?