I went to Bristol…

8pm and I’m still at work – pondering life and trying to think through stuff that needs to be thought through. I should probably go and see a film or something – try and clear my head of all the crap that has infested it again.

I went to Bristol on the weekend and I don’t think I have been so relaxed in months. London is a bit of a killer sometimes – it’s like it just doesn’t know when to let up. Bristol was open and lovely and clear and it made me feel … satisfyingly empty, I guess.

I stayed with Rachel in Cliftonwood, overlooking Hotwells, and on Saturday (after a leisurely morning) Pippa and Chris arrived as well. We went out for a lovely lunch with too many cocktails at a place called SevernShed overlooking the river. And we went out for another meal in the evening. It felt like such a complete abandonment of everything that has been getting me down. I loved it.

On Sunday we all met up with Rhys and went for a rather unsatisfying Sunday Roast. But the company was excellent and the environment was pleasant enough. It made me really think about what I’m doing in London and whether it is the city for me. It’s like the size is right but the atmosphere isn’t. I need a little more peace. After all, it only took me two days to feel tense again…