A vexatious little strumpet writes…

A quote from the letters column of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a comic book written by Alan Moore concerned with the adventures of the Invisible Man, Dr Jekyll, Allan Quatermain, Mina Murray and Captain Nemo (and a number of other 19th Century Roustabouts).

“Good show, young man. Our hats are off to you. While we are not entirely sure exactly who this “Danger Girl” to whom you more than once refer might be, we venture that she sounds like a vexatious little strumpet and is almost certainly deserving of a vigorous beating, perhaps with a taws or riding crop. Why I’ll wager you’d buy six issues if we did that, wouldn’t you, you cheeky little bounder? Here’s a shilling, don’t spend it on gin. When we were our age we were all dying of pleurisy up chimneys, but it was character-forming, and that’s how we beat the Hun. Now be off with you, before we tell your Father.”