Conversations in my head…

Conversations in my head:

  • Loyal Reader: Tom? What did you and Katy do last night?
  • Tom: We went to see The Sound of Music at the Prince Charles Cinema, Loyal Reader.
  • LR: You did what? Why would you do that? I don’t understand!
  • Tom: We went to see The Sound of Music. Sheesh – it’s not that hard to understand.
  • LR: Let me get this straight. You and Katy went to the cinema to see an absurdly long Julie Andrews musical that you can see on TV every single Bank Holiday, Easter and Christmas. And you went on a Friday night?
  • Tom: I can see how you might think that was slightly strange – but really – this was a special screening of the movie. At this screening, they put subtitles on for all the songs and you are supposed to sing along, and people get dressed up in fancy dress (and there’s a competition for the best Nun) and there are props (just like when you go to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show). And there’s an intermission and popcorn and coke and it’s four hours long and there’s Austria and Nazis and “High on a Hill was a…” and “Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes…”. It’s COOL, OK?!
  • LR: Fuck this, I’m off to
  • Tom: Hello? Hello? Is there anyone there?