Dialogue with a Diva…

One side of a conversation with Katy last night between the restaurant and the tube station:

  • “I do not get boring when you’re out of the city.”
  • “No, I have had no sex for the last three weeks.”
  • “If you really need a snog then snog one of these people. They look like they need it.”
  • “Really? Since 2pm you say…?”
  • “It’s raining. Can we talk about this somewhere dry?”
  • “Are you sure you can walk?”
  • “The text message said, ‘Have succumbed to desire for junk food’, Katy, and I was there when you received it.”
  • “Yes, I know you spent the afternoon with Evil Nick – that was who the text message was from.”
  • “Yes, I do remember what the text message said.”
  • “Yes I know you’ve been drinking since 2pm.”
  • “In Corny’s flat you say?”
  • “Can I borrow your mobile to text message Corny and Evil Nick?”
  • “Why are you spending all your time with my friends?”
  • “No I didn’t text message them saying that you wanted to shag them.”
  • “No I did not say, “Why are you shagging all my friends’.”
  • Are you shagging all my friends?”
  • “Drinking since 2pm? Really? I didn’t know that…”
  • “Are you really sure you can walk?”