Eighteen Hours of Horror…

  • 2 am
    Wake up feeling sweaty and shivering at the same time. There are various gurglings within my body. I have a pounding headache. I get up and drink a pint of water. Return to bed.

  • 2.45 am
    Suddenly feel extraordinarily bad. I’m shaking all over and sweating and my legs feel weak. I think I’m going to barf so I go to the bathroom. Am suddenly gripped by an overwhelming urge to go to the loo. Do so. Lots. Return to bed.

  • 3.15 am
    Run into bathroom and vomit everywhere for about twenty minutes. Feel considerably better. Rinse out my mouth, take two painkillers and return to bed.

  • 4.15 am
    Run into bathroom and vomit everywhere for about twenty minutes. Run out of things to regurgitate once the painkillers reappear. Start producing small amounts of yellow bile. Frantic need to go to the loo happens again. Go to loo. Have a glass of water.

  • 5.00 am
    Glass of water terrible mistake. Run to bathroom again and vomit everywhere. Go to loo again. Clean bathroom. I decide to go and sit in the sitting room and watch some television while waiting for the horror to stop. My eyes are watering, I feel like I’m going to fall over at any minute, shaking all over and I seem to be completely incapable of controlling my body temperature.

  • 6.30 am
    Wake from dozing. Vomit.

  • 7.30 am
    Kate emerges from her bedroom and finds me half asleep on the sofa in the sitting room. Her movement wakes me up. I’m feeling a little better so have a little Coca-Cola. This feels wonderful. Decide to follow it with a glass of water. Vomit everywhere. Retire to my bedroom.

  • 10.00 am
    Having slept for a couple of hours I feel slightly better although I am still shaking and the headache from 2 am is still present. A man arrives to fix the shower and my bedroom light. I move into the sitting room wrapped in my duvet and ring work. Go back to bed.

  • 1 pm
    I wake up feeling like I haven’t eaten in two days (which I suppose I hadn’t), but every time I look at a piece of food it turns my stomach. Over the next two hours I manage to eat one eighth of an apple, a spoonful of cereal and a third of a small bowl of plain pasta with a little olive oil and salt. Return to bed when familiar queasy feeling returns, thinking that I can fight my way through it.

  • 4 pm
    Wake up. No desire to vomit is present. Feel incredibly cold, and decide that I need to buy a book to distract me. Put clothes on and go outside.

  • 5.30 pm
    Going outside a bit of a mistake as I keep meandering into people in the street. Finally decide the time has come to actually try and eat something solid. Find a fast food place and order about four different things, reasoning that I can eat small bits of whatever I think I can keep down.

  • 6.30 pm
    Get back on bus and return home. Fall asleep in front of Buffy.

  • 8.40pm [now]
    Feel rough as fuck.