HMV’s sale cripples my finances…

Oh my dismal fall from grace. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been trying to reintroduce the counter-cultural spin to – a trend I hope to continue. But I have hit a “speed bump”.

Yesterday I got a text message from Mella. It told me not to go near HMV, that they were evil and that they had caused (with their sale) her immediate bankrupcy.

“Pshaw!” I thought to myself, “I am not as weak willed as this foolish girl! I can resist these corporate temptations.” Forty-five minutes (and fifty-eight pounds ($85) later), I was forced to confess myself unequivocally their consumer bitch. I was about ten minutes away from begging to give them more money. [You only have to look at the Consumption panel to the left to realise the extent of my horror.]

Kate found it all funny when we got back home. But she didn’t find it so funny this morning, when she reported the “accidental purchase” of six videos…