Who's in charge of Kitsch Bitch?

Yesterday, Katy went on holiday, and left her site under the awesome government of Meg, Luke and Nick (of Corny fame). The new design is extremely entertaining – which reminds me – I told Dan of Daily Doozer infamy that I’d build something for him… I must get around to that over the next couple of weeks.

What else has been going on? Erm. The new site is rapidly approaching launch – it’s on the net at the moment, but I doubt you’ll be able to find it. After work last night (I left at 8pm) I went for dinner with Meg, this bloke called Ian and this other bloke called Frank at this club thing down a back-alley off St Martins Lane. I don’t think Ian or Frank have websites, which I fear makes them approximately 2/3rds of a person. The food and company was great. Nice time had – although I fear I now know a little too much about the internal working of AOL and LineOne.