Tom's Teenage Diary, Monday

Tom’s Teenage Diary, Monday May 6th 1991

On plane to NYC now, and it’s about 3.15 GMT. The music on these aero-headphones is bearable (even a bit of TT), but has already repeated itself three times. Plane left Amsterdam late due to one engine having difficulties. Would be OK except the lights and power kept going off.

When I arrive in New York I shall have the honour of being confronted by people demanding to know why I want to go there. From what I’ve heard of NYC, this is a very good question.

I’m not entirely sure that Americans are all that sympathetic to holiday-makers, especially those with no fixed abode once they reach said country. However, I have all the bumph, so I shouldn’t have much of a problem (I hope).

This bald guy in front keeps sticking his chair at me. GRRRRRR…

Whoah! Having my first cab-ride with this amazing guy who I can hardly understand. It’s grey and damp, but not actually raining. It’s quite humid as well. Everytime the car moves suddenly, like, the “gas” (getting into the terminology) sloshes around like hell. First impressions of the USA: Not as bad as I thought! There is a lot of NY that looks like the place was constructed on a rubbish dump. It looks (in places) like all those films of post-“bomb” looting and riots. There is greyness and thousands of cars, barbed wire and dirt, but also a great feeling of vitality and passion.

Whether this guy is actually taking me to the Carlton remains to be seen.