Does anyone remember this message from Text Message Theatre?

Does anyone remember this message from Text Message Theatre?

“Jen has such a hard life. I really feel for her. I so relate to her bruised sluttiness – jack is a fucking girl loser poof as well. Spit. Vomit. Barf. Ick.”

Well people out there have theories about our Ms Linley:

[In the final episode of the last series of Dawson’s Creek…] Jen wraps up with:

“….I’m pretty sure of it. We’re not in Capeside anymore, Toto. This is some alternate reality where our intellects are sharper, our quips are wittier, and our hearts are repeatedly broken while faintly in the background some soon-to-be-dated contemporary pop music plays.”

Told you Jen was the bright one. She’s twigged. She knows that she, and Dawson, and immaculate, emasculate gay boy Jack McPhee, are all fictional characters. Not just that, but they’re fictional characters designed for nothing other than to suffer. To split up, split off, pair up and tap out over and over and over again, to spend their entire, limited lives expressing their agony, describing a Bucky Ballet of failure. They fall in love, but they don’t really fall in love; they’re just setting up the next heartbreak, because that’s what hearts are for.