I have a fire within me…

I need to build something really badly. Or destroy something. I need to effect change. I want some help. And I want to help everyone else. I have a fire within me today – a tremendous intellectual, emotional, political, passionate fire that has crept up on me during the day, and I want the fire to spread. I want it to spark and catch each and every person who reads this. I want it to creep into your heads and generate energy and light up some dark musty parts of your head. Throw the doors and the windows open. It’s time to remake the world.

I want everything to be in a perpetual whirl. I want the world to speed up. I want sex and drugs and love and death and energy and music and anger and passion and everything I’ve seen in the movies. And I want you all to have it too. I want desire and fantasy to spiral around and overwhelm the world, crush all opposition and bring a little non-corporately sponsored wonder into everything again. We deserve more magic than we have. We all deserve the world. Who’s for freedom?