Immediate response to a bizarre weekend in New York…

Fuck me. Back in London. What a bizarre weekend. It’s really late, and I’m completely exhausted, so I’m not going to go into too many details, except to say that I’ve had very little sleep (for various reasons), spent a hell of a lot of money and really need to go to bed now. A couple of very brief asides to people around the place:

  • David – you’re a terrifying creature.
  • Katy Darby – if you’re sending me all this crappy text message stuff I may very well ritually execute you.
  • Max – we shall talk properly tomorrow.
  • Brewski – you’re a danger to yourself and to others.
  • Will – come down to London for a couple of days and watch videos and mooch. Get your mind off stuff.
  • Corny – hmmmm. Weird phone call.
  • Evil Mikey – sorry I missed you, I was in NY, you doofus.

So much more to say. Not sure I can be bothered.