In direct refutation of my

In direct refutation of my standard taste in trashy guitar crap, I have decided that I am interested in getting the Dido album (this is the woman who is responsible for the opening credits music to Roswell and for the singy bit in Eminem’s Stan. So I think, “Well this is a bit of a departure – maybe I should check out epinions first.” So I go and find a review and I’m reading it, and it’s actually a pretty good review and then this amazingly huge, spiralling, mixed metaphor appears and I sit their gobsmacked – in awe of the twisted evil genius who could come up with:

“Looking up Dido in Roman mythology, one finds that she was the founder and queen of Carthage. There are several versions of her story but the most famous is the one from the Aeneid in which she falls in love with Aeneas. When he leaves her to continue his journey to Italy, Dido destroys herself on a burning pyre. Well, if that Dido is resurrected from the ashes in the form of this songbird, this is one phoenix whose voice soars on angel’s wings.”