On the closing of

Joanna Lumley – goddess of the New Avengers, star of innumerable sub-par movies and chain-smoking high-class drunk skank of Absolutely Fabulous used to be heavily involved in a site called – a kind of semi-alternative health and beauty site. Unfortunately, earlier this year, said site closed its doors, proving the long-suspected fact that celebrity endorsement does not guarantee the success of any e-commerce venture.

But at least she kept her sense of humour. In a statement posted at the site’s “We’re closed” page, Joanna presents the eager public with what must be one of the most bizarre and humourous PR statements ever. Next to a picture in which Joanna is vigourously rubbing herself with a large fruit, she declares:

“Heigh ho! It happens all the time in the theatre world. The dressing room, now filled with first night cards, pictures of the family and your familiar costumes, is soon bare, awaiting its new occupant – the playbills outside are torn down, scenery stored, programmes pulped and the theatre goes dark. But what fun! And what a fantastic time we had!”
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