Another reason not to see Billy Elliot…

The insightful Mr Hon provides several exciting new reasons for me to not go and see Billy Smelly-Fart. Currently I’d only got up to: “Isn’t this Brassed Off, The Full Monty, Educating Rita etc done all over again?” and “I don’t want to see another little guy makes good / it’s grim up north film” and “How come American films manage to be entertaining and cool without wallowing in national self-deprecation?”. But now (from Dan’s epinion) I have this new gem:

“Let us not forget, either, that ballet is for poofs. But that’s not a problem here: Julie Walters, known more or less as “Miss” for the duration of the film, is quick to reassure Billy that Fred Astaire and his friends weren’t gay, and aren’t they wonderful.”