More brief excepts from a subterranean diary…

Just a snippet today – this time about last weekend:

“Friday night decided I had to do something to pull me out of the exhausted self-hating funk I had been in, so i went out for a drink with Nick Hornig. We went out, got drunk and I ended up pulling this air steward who wanted to go to a club. I said that he should ring me at home if he wanted to come and join me before 3am. At 4am he rang – I was asleep on the sofa fully clothed and snapped at him until he went away. Turned my phone off and went to bed.

Saturday morning I get up at midday, turn on my phone and find that Will has arrived in London, spent the night out, had got lost in Richmond, dumped by his fling for the evening without any money, and had begged enough money to get a travel card to Maida Vale and a bottle of champagne.”