On the World's Best Newspaper Website…

The World’s Best Newspaper Website?

Astonishing, ground-breaking, “future of the web” kind of stuff – the International Herald Tribune‘s site screams class while being incredibly functional. It’s not immediately intuitive because it really is such a leap into the future, but it comes with this kind of functionality:

  • CSS and DHTML coding keeps the important task bar continually on-screen.
  • Every article can have its text size increased on the fly or be presented in three column or one column formats.
  • Every page is immediately printer-ready.
  • All ad-banners can be hidden if they are too intrusive.
  • All articles are database driven and allocated to a subject index and a region index.
  • And most impressively, all articles can be “clipped” by clicking on link to the left of their taster. The taster flies across the screen and deposits itself on the floating toolbar. You can then review your clippings at your leisure, having browsed the tasters in full, without having to continually click back to an index page.

Clear, elegant and astonishing. The bar is raised quite substantially.