The dark satanic cult of

The dark satanic cult of the UK weblogging community met up again last night for Thai food and a booze-up in Soho. Statistics for the event are being quantified as we speak, as are the (gulp) photos (damn you Meg and Dan).

Interesting facts:

  • There are more hot webloggers than you might expect.
  • Twelve geeks in a restaurant are still incapable of working out their share of the bill.
  • Multi-coloured CHiPs-style specs are the future.
  • Blue hair can look cool.
  • Vodka Jelly is God in alcoholic form.

[People present included: Meg NotSoSoft, Dan Daily Doozer / Extenuating Circumstances, Popt Art, Matt Interconnected, DarrenMachineGo, Chris RaettigORG, NetDyslexia, Jen Threadnaught, Secret Squirrel, PlayingWithCobras, Luke Fez, Adrian Vavatch.]