The secret passions of the weblogger…

What strange items light the fires of the world’s favourite webloggers? My tour of the depths of the amazon wishlists reveals all:

Jason Kottke (

  1. Book: Shiny Adidas Tracksuits and the Death of Camp : And Other Essays
  2. Book: The Social Life of Information
  3. DVD: American Pimp

Luke Martin (

  1. CD: Practical Footwear, Sodastream
  2. Book: The Ten Books on Architecture
  3. CD: 20th-Century Russian Piano Music

Caroline van Oosten de Boer (

  1. Toy: Teksta Puppy
  2. Game: Escape from Monkey Island
  3. Book: Crazy About Women

Meg Pickard (

  1. Book: The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies for Women
  2. Book: Warp-speed Branding
  3. Book: Cod

Brad Graham (The Bradlands)

  1. Book: Military Trade
  2. Book: Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2000
  3. Book: A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper

Chris Peters (

  1. CD: Music Has the Right to Children, Boards Of Canada
  2. CD: Opiate, Tool
  3. Book: The End of Print

Other people’s wishlists:,,,,,,,,