I'm disgruntled and sharp-fingered…

Cool! Turns out that link I couldn’t get access to yesterday was a weird embittered attack on blogdom. Not necessarily a bad thing of course. Anything that stirs up the dark pits of our collective trans-conscious is a good thing as far as I’m concerned. What’s most amusing to me is that the part that links to me comes in the sentence: “Only if I had the masochistic urge to receive 60,000 acid emails from disgruntled, sharp-tongued (fingered) bloggers would I have the gall to conclude from my brief blogging experience that to blog is to engage in the pursuit of what one extremely popular blogger calls PIPA: Personally Identified Public Anonymity.” Which is bizarre as far as I’m concerned, because I’ve only ever been involved in three major scraps via in the whole fourteen months that I’ve been running the thing.

Let’s play a game. Rise the challenge. SLAG ME OFF PUBLICLY and I’ll write a VERY STERN post about you in return. There you go – can’t say fairer than that.