Kiss my freckled ass bye!

There may come a day in your life when you find yourself so sick to death of your job, so overwhelmingly frustrated by the lack of respect that your very presence seems to engender, so totally bored by office politics and that boss who you’ve always found intolerable, that it comes to you that the only answer is to resign and go and find something else to spend your time on.

But those letters of resignation aren’t the easiest things to write. You have to be nice, don’t you? You can’t just tell the truth. You can’t catalogue every individual grudge and aggravation that you might have stacked up in your head. I mean, you have to think about your reference, don’t you? It’s important that you should leave in the same (apparent) good spirits that you joined with. But there is a place for all your petty grievances. And that place is called (satisfyingly enough)