A conspiratorial approach to SXSW…

So my epic scheme for getting to SXSW originally went as follows: 1) Buy something off Jeff Bezos’s wishlist, 2) mention my craving to go to SXSW and 3) let nature takes its course. Except of course that I immediately realised that that was horribly, horribly corrupt and that I was a bad person. At which point I actually looked at his wishlist, realised that the man is obsessed with some of the weirdest shit on the planet, decided that I should buy him something anyway and then have a cool story to tell people down the pub. Which is what I’ve done. Jeff should be receiving (any day now) the Trivial Pursuit Star Wars Trilogy Edition.

[Speaking of wishlists (and being horribly corrupt), if you really wanted to, you could buy me something off mine. Think of all the stories you would be able to tell your grandchildren and how much they’d love you for it…]