Buzz emerges about Dean Kamen's IT…

For the delectation and fulfilment of the basic geek instinct that is primal to our natures (huzzah), I hereby present to my compatriots in arms an article about ‘IT’, an astonishing and revolutionary new concept and product for the 21st Century. Apparently.

What is ‘IT’?
“Harvard Business School Press executive editor Hollis Heimbouch has just paid $250,000 for a book about IT — but neither the editor nor the agent, Dan Kois of The Sagalyn Literary Agency, knows what IT is.”

“All they do know: IT, also code-named Ginger, is an invention developed by 49-year-old scientist Dean Kamen, and the subject of a planned book by journalist Steve Kemper. According to Kemper’s proposal, IT will change the world, and is so extraordinary that it has drawn the attention of technology visionaries Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs and the investment dollars of pre-eminent Silicon Valley venture capitalist John Doerr, among others. “

[Addendum: The BBC catches up with]