"I am building an army of judges"

The thing I love about Mark is that he’s not afraid to express his opinion. Which in my opinion, you know, is probably a good thing.

“this whole “server fund” is really about raising money to bail jack saturn out of jail. how can i prove this? i can’t. but i most certainly believe that the folks at pyra, such as ev and meg, have deliberately slowed blogger down to a crawl as an effective scheme to raise the money for their pal.

“instead of paying to support the massive number of blogs there are.. we shall take this as an opportunity to take eradicate the abhorrent infestation!

“i am building an army of judges, email me if you’re interested. we will divide up alphabetically, on a mission to read every single weblog in existence. we will judge the blog worthy of continuance. if the weblog does not meet our standards, the creator will receive a polite email mentioning, “YOU”RE STEALING all the fucking BANDWIDTH. TAKE DOWN YOUR FUCKING BLOG! IT SUCKS!””