Tom Coates Explains Everything •

Tom Coates Explains Everything
• (to David Gentle): No, I am afraid I have not considered strapping myself to a rocket as a plausible option in getting to SXSW, but thanks for asking. And the answer to your second question is that genius isn’t appreciated in its own lifetime.
• (to Ernie Hsiung): Weirdly enough I don’t think of sex in those terms. There have been times when I’ve wanted to be dominated, and times when I’ve wanted to dominate, and probably more times when I have enjoyed the vanilla democratising of sex that is becoming so popular with our straight cousins.
• (to Bob Johnson): I don’t know if I could say that I’ve driven a tractor, but I’ve been in one many times as my uncle and grandmother own farms in Norfolk. Farmyard animals are a bit of a mystery to me as all the farmers in my family grow sugar-beet and wheat, but I suppose I’d have to say that I’m quite a cow fan. And my favourite poem is (I believe) by George Herbert and starts: “He that is weary, let him sit…”. But I’m not really a poetry fan, if I’m honest. My second favourite poem is, after all, by Ivor Cutler and goes: “If your breasts are too big, you will fall over. Unless you wear a ruck-sack”.
• (to Joe Macare): No, Buffy is not getting crap, although it is of variable quality at the moment. The place to go at the moment, however, for the higher quality related kick-ass action is Angel, which gets astonishingly good towards the end of the first Season.