Tom Coates Explains Everything (to

Tom Coates Explains Everything (to Tom Cosgrave): Standing up, against the wall. (to Grant Balfour): Marriage is a powerful meme that intersects with the biological imperative of the Selfish Gene, but does not overlap it precisely. I would suggest that memetic dominance in your character makes you keen to form such a union while (because it over-rides the biological instinct in your case) making the possible partner in such an enterprise a ridiculously perfect abstraction. (to Paul Kester): No I don’t have a Norfolk accent at all. I sound very British. Mark at riothero said I sounded like Hugh Grant, which just goes to prove that Americans don’t really know what they are talking about. No, nothing is happening in my love-life either. Wes Bentley will insist on feigning disinterest. And my favourite film used to be Jesus of Montreal, but is now probably American Beauty. The why of the last one is too complicated to go into in depth! Next!