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Paul Burston on Eminem…

From London’s Time Out Magazine: Feb 14-21 2001 No.1591 (presented without comment).

“I’m writing this week’s column under my hip new pseudonym, Thin Cloudy. So when I say that I want to incite acts of violence against Eminem, I hope you’ll understand that I’m being ironic. And when I describe how I’d like to force him to suck my dick before slitting his throat open, watching him bleed to death and then dumping his body in a river, I hope you’ll appreciate how clever I’m being. And while I’m hiding behind this hip new persona of mine, I might as well tell you that it isn’t just blond white boy rappers I hate. I also hate the black ones. Niggers, I think they’re called.”

“Oops, sorry! Hope I haven’t offended anyone’s delicated liberal sensibilities. After all, it’s one thing to rap about sexual violence or joke about murdering homosexuals, quite another insult an already beleaguered minority. This, presumably, is why Eminem is so feted by the music establishment, and defended by clever music critics – at the end of the day, it’s only bitches and faggots he’s having a pop at.” [Paul Burston]