Shortly to leave for Los Angeles…

Announcement: It is now 10am GMT, and in two hours I will be leaving my flat and heading trans-Atlantically to Los Angeles to stay with Kerry and Sean. Since the flight takes about eleven hours, I am unlikely to post again today. I think I arrive about 2am GMT (7pm PST) at LAX. I’m back next Sunday evening. In the meantime I will, of course, attempt to post whenever I can – but no promises. [What I posted when I went last year.]

While I am out there, however, I would be more than interested in meeting any LA based webloggers or members of the Underground – although bear in mind that I have obligations to my hosts, which may preclude rampant socialising. If you’re in LA over the next week and you’d like to meet up, send me an e-mail. I may not reply if I get swamped, but please don’t hold it against me. I’m on holiday goddammit!

While we are on the subject, (and since I only compiled the links page of’s Los Angeles pages a couple of weeks ago), here is a collection of links that might be of interest to locals and/or visitors to the City of Angels: LA Times | LA Insider | Streets of LA | Virtual Voyages | The Getty | LA Weekly | City of Los Angeles.