The Anti-Bloggies have been announced,

The Anti-Bloggies have been announced, and is a winner again. Only this time, of course, it’s – you know – less flattering. I made quite a push for “Most Banal Content” but in the end that went to SURVIVORblog2, which is really unfair because I’m way more dull than they are.

The award that I won came as quite an eyebrow-lifter to me: “Best Use of a Blog for Personal Benefit”. In fact, while I suppose it would be ungracious of me to deny that that was ever my intention, I can certainly state that I’ve pretty much never received any personal benefit from the site other than a sense of quiet satisfaction. Barbelith regulars have sent me money to help maintain the discussion forum after it caused huge bandwidth problems, but other than a few Amazon links that no one clicked on, and a couple of kind – and spontaneous – presents (particular thanks to Lance Arthur) all has ever produced is e-mail.

Well all that is about to change – it’s time I got some benefit from my larcenous image. Introducing the largest and most obvious link to an Amazon wishlist ever created (to your right). It’s red and white and it flashes at you. Buy me shit. Now.