This is not time or

This is not time or place for dream-talk:

But nonetheless, here I go: First of all, Pacey from Dawson’s Creek was looking for an apartment and I think I was helping, except he couldn’t find anywhere. Eventually he decided to live in this flat with this ex-girlfriend of his, with whom he’d had this torrid affair. Anyway – he was coming into the building at night with a group of people, when suddenly the ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend (whom Pacey was still friends with – in a kind of indulgent way), and I had to try to signal to him that the ex-girlfriend was waiting for him in his bed and that he had to find some way to ditch the new boyfriend otherwise all hell would break loose. So I distract the new boyfriend and Pacey wanders upstairs, but when he approaches the door he suddenly realises that not only is his ex-girlfriend waiting for him in his bedroom, but so is her mother (or another ex-girlfriend of his, or both – I forget which). He get’s a bit freaked out and ducks into the next door room, which is where I find him when I come up the stairs a couple of minutes later.

So then I take him for a walk in the square outside the building, which looks like New York only more open, so we can talk about stuff, at which point he turns into Matt, except he’s in a wheelchair like Professor X. He says that he’s asthmatic, which he says means that while I want to have a snack and a chat, he can’t eat chocolate and meat – only fruit. So we go to Sainsbury’s where I start getting over-excited by the thought of eating. Someone asks Matt what his waist-size is, and he says that he thinks he’s got a 24 inch waist. I say he must have a 27 inch waist at least, we have a discussion about how many pears I need to buy, I run off and grab a whole cooked chicken for me (he waits in the queue in his wheelchair) and when I come to pay they ask me which of the three possible Buffy A Summer’s I am (one of them is Buffy Arthur Summers) and when I say none I suddenly realise that there is some kind of government conspiracy that currently has needles in the head of one of my best friends in an endless series of cubicles in a vast underground base.

What do you think it means?