Via Blogger I've stumbled upon

Via Blogger I’ve stumbled upon – which appears to be some kind of Icelandic weblog / weblog portal. The most interesting part of it for me is the pulldown menu at the top left of the screen. It appears to contain the full replicated content of the weblog, and it’s placed in a slim frame that allows one to move between the various blogged sites which appear nested beneath it. It’s very well thought out.

It’s inspired me to think about my old ‘consumption’ feature in a different way – perhaps this isn’t stuff that people need to actually see on first arrival to a site – maybe it’s more useful for people to be able to gauge at a glance, by clicking on a pulldown, the range of one’s interests. Blogging entirely to drop-downs might actually be more useful for certain types of site as well – you could form a kind of rolling-directory site for example. Worthy of consideration…