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Why weblogs are wonderful…

By writing about the Minor Musings piece on the reasons for ‘weblogging’, I suppose I’m really rather missing the point, but nonetheless it’s worth talking about. I think it’s important that we have these conversations (at least with ourselves) every so often: ‘why am I doing this?’. If anything, the longer you maintain a site like this, the more you should be asking it of yourself, and (indeed) the more times you might be stumped for an answer.

In many ways, in the presentation of this site, the last thing that I’m thinking about is whether or not I should be finding new and exciting links for people out there in the ether. So in a sense I’m not a weblogger in the classic mode. But then, I’m not sure that many of us are. The links and commentary approach is, at its most simple form, rather uninteresting. My priorities are slightly different – first and foremost I think of this place as somewhere that I can write – and I use the hypertextual nature of the web to reinforce that writing. It’s like tracing an intellectual flow – following through the impulses that one has in some worked-out and public form, and in a place where they are not merely lost forever.

People read my site, and I have to confess that I like that, but I’ve run a lot of sites (fan sites, personal sites, creative sites) and a lot of people have come to those too. In the end I’ve deserted most of them. The thing that keeps me coming back to every day is the opportunity to spark off a discussion, or to say something in a place where I know I’ll be heard. I suppose it is a space where my opinions feel valuable, interesting to people. And if weblogging gives other people the same feeling – well I can’t helping thinking that it is, therefore, a profoundly wonderful thing.