A few years ago I

A few years ago I interviewed Grant Morrison for a magazine in America that I believe has since folded or gone web-only. During the interview (and in several other interviews) he talked a lot about how teen culture was associated with sun-spot activity – and how it came in eleven year cycles. To support his claim he proposed a sequence of dates 1955, 1966, 1977 and 1988. The spirit of each expression of rebellion alternated – so 1955 was aggressive rock ‘n’ roll, 1966 was flower-power and hippy-culture. With 1977 came punk and with 1988, rave. He told me that in 1999 the negative spirit would come in again and a new youth culture would emerge – a paramilitary-styled culture. I didn’t notice it happening at the time, but perhaps he was just off by a couple of years: BBC News: “Giant sunspot erupts”.