Advert: One man does not

Advert: One man does not need two computers (unless of course one is a Titanium Powerbook). I have two computers. So I’m selling one. Now. I went into town today and got a frankly laughable offer (£100) for the whole package, so I’m opening this up to the floor. Does anyone want to buy this complete set-up for a ludicrously small amount? Either to cannibalise or use around the house. It’s not really built for games, but it works perfectly well. Conditions: You can buy any part or all of it, but you have to come and collect it from Maida Vale and pay in cash – and SOON. I’ll even autograph it if you want me to…

IBM 6X86 PR 200 Desktop
64 Mb RAM
56.6k Internal Modem
4 GB Hard Disk
Sforce S25 Speakers
Logitech Mouse (with little wheel thing)
CTX SVGA Monitor 15″ (14″ visible) Monitor
Deskjet 400 Printer
Plustek OpticPro 4831P Flatbed Scanner
Windows 98
Microsoft Office 97 Small Business Edition
[Excel & Word]
Paint Shop Pro 5
Age of Empires

Best offer over £150 for the lot received by Saturday night accepted immediately and without question. COME ON!: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?