Comparing Quick and Easy

Comparing Quick and Easy and Global Statistics Jan 2001:

On the issue of color depth,’s figures describe nearly 10% of users as using 256 colors or less, 50% using 16-bit color depths and just over 30% using 24-bit or above. 10% were unknown. describes 6% of users as using 256 colors or less, 55% as using 16-bit depths and a further 36% using 24-bit or above.

On the issue of screen resolutions,’s figures describe 9% of users as using 640×480 resolution, as opposed to’s 7%. describes the proportion of people using 800×600 resolutions as 50% with those using known higher resolutions coming in at 27%.’s figures for these are 55% and 35% respectively.

In both sets of figures, has a lower figure for ‘Unknown’ than TheStandard, which may explain variance. Alternatively divergence could be described by differences in the times of sampling or by a distorted sampling from one of the parties.