Conversations with Mr Big…

So you have a conversation with someone about politics, and they declare that by divine right they should ascend to the throne, or at least to a position as benevolent dictator-for-life, and you make a joke about that and then you think about it for a week, because you thought that you were getting somewhere with them, but maybe you’re not. So you think about it a bit more, and decide that you’re not really in a fit state to think about this anyway, so you send them what you consider to be amusing banner-ads and poster mock-ups for a pseudo politic campaign complete with an e-mail that says that you’d love to meet up again sometime soon, but that you want to get a few things organised beforehand so you don’t feel quite so inadequate about your life. Is that a fun thing to do? Is it the kind of thing that a stalker would do? Do we think it was a good idea?