I have a conundrum about

I have a conundrum about my Mr. Big – the guy of last-night’s long foretold lip-collision. The conundrum is, having been deserted by a man who won’t take your phone number, but who looks on while his companion asks you to leave a message with your contact details at his office (ostensibly regarding a job opportunity), and then leans forward and kisses you, should you: a) debase yourself by ringing and leaving a message or b) feel strangely affronted, as if it were being implied that the attachments (power discrepancy, financial discrepancy, office, power … whatever) were generating the interest, or that they were generating a divide, or that because of it one’s life was somehow shabbier and less interesting and pointless and for that reason, why on earth would he really have any interest in you when he could have anyone he wanted? Your thoughts?