I have spent an inordinate

I have spent an inordinate amount of time in my life drawing pictures on post-its, while working. It gives my hands something to do while I’m mulling things over. I wonder if it would be possible to market something like ‘Art-Its’ or ‘Book-It’s, whereby pads of post-it notes, rather than being blank, contain small amounts of text, images or even photos. You could have a tremendous amount of cut-and-paste fun with them, rearranging a text as you saw fit, or keeping useful and / or important diagrams handy at all times. You could even annotate books with other pages of other books really easily, or place notes about maintenance at relevant places in your garage or car. And then there’s combination post-it notes and desk calenders. Or you could use the images like mini-posters or big, non-damaging stickers. I mean, there’s no limit to it, really.