I haven't exactly been offered

I haven’t exactly been offered a job at Sapient, but it looks like my decision on whether or not I want to walk their particular dark path has rather greater than normal inpact on whether or not they are prepared to offer it to me. There seems to be a much greater degree of discussion involved than is perhaps warranted. On my side particularly it seems that my decision is inevitably going to be based upon faith (or the lack of it), and hence inevitably bound up with reservations and doubt. There doesn’t seem to be a way around that.

Anyway, I was talking to Matt Haughey about all this via AIM, and he pointed me in the direction of a post he made just over a year ago: A Whole Lotta Nothing: ‘On being rejected by Sapient’. I’m making no comment, because I’m reserving my judgement until after the weekend, but let’s just say, I’m trying hard to work out if I’m living in Working Girl or Wall Street.