Let's actually link to stuff…

In which Tom pretends to be a proper weblogger, by linking to actual sites rather than drone on about the misery and angst of human existence:

First things first – I’ve been thinking of training myself to be able to write in more languages than simple mark-up like HTML. I think I’ve finally found a site that’s good enough at teaching to help me do so: W3Schools Online Web Tutorials. The site includes some stunningly useful examples, cut and paste code and intelligent commentary for everything from XHTML to WAP, DTD and SOAP.

Secondly, there’s an article at called ‘Internet needs immune system’, which is on the analogies drawn between computer viruses and biological viral entities and suggests a new approach to anti-virus technology. [via Tomalak’s Realm]

And finally, after tiring of Neilson’s rather earnest approach to web usability, I picked up a copy of Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think while I was in LA. I read it on the plane, and was astonished by how intelligently written and well put together it was. If you’re building any size of site either professionally or semi-professionally then you should read it. There’s more information about it here.