What Men Do When They

What Men Do When They Are Bored: When men are bored they do this. When men have a spare ten minutes they do this. When men are not stressed, or in a public place or have bigger things on their mind they do this. And they mostly do it when those things are going on as well. Once I didn’t do this for over a week, and I got all aggressive and macho. It was weird, but cool. I’d do it again if I could be bothered. Some men write weird shit about other weird shit that makes other men (ostensibly) do it. Some men don’t. Some men don’t really mention it that much, but then again some of them are having too much fun at the moment for it to be strictly necessary. Some men frankly don’t bear thinking about – particularly when they’re doing it – but I’m too nice to talk about them in a public place (you know who you are). You know occasionally you have to wonder if the people you used to go out with think about you when they’re doing it. Or maybe that’s just me. I sometimes wonder if even really major web celebrities do it? I would think that they do. I mean, they’re geeks right? I hear chicks do it too, but I think they have different techniques. (You know, this would be funnier if this was about hand-coding HTML or something, but I’m afraid it’s not. I really am that cheap. Link via Prol.]