Eight episodes in one night.

Eight episodes in one night. It’s almost inhuman devotion. Noam and Nick C arrived around seven with pizza, drink, cream cakes and muffin mix to find Mella and I ready and waiting for the first of the evening’s screenings. We started off with the rather startling Passion from Season Two before skipping to the final, traumatic episodes, Becoming Parts I & II. Noam looked a bit shaken afterwards, so we reassured her that Buffy would indeed return to Sunnydale by watching the first episode of Season Three: Anne, even though it isn’t actually that good. Before the episode I pointed out to all present that Anne was also in the episode Lie to Me, as well as having appeared in several recent episodes of Angel. This earned me the Buffy Geek Of The Night Award. Shortly afterwards Noam and Nick departed, leaving Mella and I with a stack of new episodes of Buffy and Angel peering up at us lasciviously. It didn’t take long before we had marched our way through the two episodes of Angel, and while I ducked out so that Mella could see I was made to love you, which I had already seen, I returned for The Body and Forever. Asleep by 3.30am.