Excerpts from 'My Big Gay

Excerpts from ‘My Big Gay Life’ (2) So Mandy turns around to you and says, “He’s like you – straight-acting”, and that spark goes off in your head again about acting and pretending and ‘trying to be straight’ and whether or not the way you are is post-gay or pre-gay, and you kind of get slightly nervy because straight-acting always means to you that they haven’t dealt with all the crap yet, and you really think that you have dealt with all the crap, and done the defensive non-camp to bit of a poof to whatever the fuck you think you are now routine, and now kind of just want to get on with finding some relatively non-screwed up individual to talk to in bed. It’s like that thing with your mother when she says that people are always braver in their heads than they are in everyday life, and how much you’ve tried to prove that wrong over the last ten to fifteen years.