Last night I found myself

Last night I found myself watching The Tailor of Panama with Nick H at the Odeon in Leicester Square. I’ve been celebrating my return from the brink of madness this weekend – I got paid on Friday and suddenly found myself safe from bankrupcy and able to pay the rent for another month. The sheer amount of relief that this has provided me is indescribable. I decided that I should use the opportunity to get myself functioning as a person again – to attempt to salvage my self-respect by any means necessary. So I went out for a drink and a meal with a few friends, sorted out my malfunctioning phone by trading it in for a new one, spent a Tower Records credit note I’ve had forever, and started trying to decide what clothes to buy for my ‘interview outfit’. The only thing that I’ve not been able to work on at all is my hair, which is fast becoming an obsession. I can’t look at someone in public at the moment without being aware of the fluffy mullet I’m developing.

But back to the film. There are a fair number of conflicting reviews about it in the media at the moment. One of my particular favourites is over at the BBC. I don’t agree with it, but it entertained me. In short, although the end of the film is a bit messy, it’s an extremely intelligent and entertaining movie, with an comedically corrupt feel to it, and some great performances. Go and see it, because it will piss off Middle America, and you know that’s always fun.