Looking for ideal man…

I’ve just watch Bring it On again, and would like to announce that if you are anything like the character Cliff Pantone (as played by Jesse Bradford) in any way (but, you know, gay), then mail me. Important criteria for ideal man: 1) Should know punk from hole in ground (but not be all scary about it – guitar tendencies important though), 2) Should be centred, passionate, but not moody – able to deal with occasional crap, while understanding where such crap comes from. 3) Should understand (perhaps share) important geek desires like HTML, Buffy and cheesy movies, 4) Should IDEALLY be about 25, circa 5’8″, between ten and a half and eleven stone, and healthily scruffy-looking. 5) Good job / money completely unimportant, although restrained intelligence gets big bonus points.