On tiny worlds: So I'm

On tiny worlds: So I’m working at Arehaus again, and they have a part of their site which has their top-ten sites on it. I found this out last night by talking to Matt, who has another site ( which is in this chart. So I ask around the office today about who chose that site, and it’s Emma – who is apparently quite knowledgeable about weblogs in general. She mentions Jason for one and about how she was going to set up her own site at So I mention that I have a site of my own, called and she looks a bit blank. She’s clearly never been. My ego is crushed, of course. It seems as if my legend-in-my-own-lunchbox-ness has been heavily compromised. I now – it seems – only have enough legend to fit inside an old yoghurt carton, or perhaps a Club wrapper.