On writing that doesn't go anywhere…

On repression: If you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all. That’s how the old saying goes, is it not? What if there are things to say, good things, but you can’t concentrate on them? What if the one thing that you can’t talk about is the only thing that you really want to talk about? What if it pushes everything else out of the way? What then?

I read a lot of Freud when I was at University. Repression is what you do when the impulse or desire or memory or truth bubbles up from within you, but is stopped from entering the conscious mind by the super-ego – the part of the brain that stops you becoming the slave of your basic impulses. The thought remains immanent – just below perception, and bubbles up in strangely symbolic dreams and eruptions of irrationality in your everyday life. Like cryptic, confusing posts on a weblog. Like writing that doesn’t go anywhere.