Article of the day: "Straight

Article of the day:Straight women, begone! You are ruining sex for gay guys with your need for dinner first.“: So a while back I asked a guy out for a drink. You know, normally I wouldn’t bother. But I had decided that there was something preferable about maintaining an interaction from at least twenty-four hours before first sexual contact to at least forty-eight hours after it. You know – as a change of pace, or something. But now I see the horror of it all. I have had explained to me how I am being drawn into the conspiracy to rob gay men of what they do best – cheap, horny, regular sex.

Actually there is something true in all of this. There is a freedom about sex between men that you don’t find in other places – and an honesty. And this is something that really needs to be preserved. The increased socialisation of gay sex is something that needs to be approached in a fairly circumspect fashion. We shouldn’t be losing the freedoms of a free and easy sexual culture simply because we fight for the rights to have our other relationships respected.

So I’m going to stick with what I perceive to be the core of the article: “A guy doesn’t ask a woman out because he might be attracted to her. He asks her out because he paws the ground every time she walks by. And the ground’s sick of it. Here’s why it’s important to have sex before you get to know someone. First of all because getting to know someone often ruins your physical attraction to the person.” And I think that cuts right to the heart of the issue.