At work at the moment

At work at the moment I am using some version control software called Visual SourceSafe Explorer. I’ve never used this software before, but one of the coolest things about it is that when you ‘check in’ a file you’ve been working on, you are asked to put in a comment about what it actually is that you’ve done. Endless files fiddled around with equals endless comments to be inserted. And each one makes you want to be a little more imaginative. Which brings me to this:

Version Control Haiku:

there was a link to it here
but now it has gone

The emphasis tags
Should not be on the menu
So I removed them.

The Validator
Found the problems to be few
But I fixed them all.

The text is corrected
But nasty errors remain
in the depths of code

I changed some copy
Making one full paragraph
Into two small ones

Adjusted bullets
That aligned incorrectly
They now work ok.

Inserted comma
That is all I accomplished
This is now my life